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About Lignum

Lehto Group was founded in 2008 by Hannu Lehto through consolidation of various construction firms in Finland. Then as now, the ambitions I s to simplify the process and methodology for property production, with the aim of offering market shorter construction times, lower costs and fixed-price contracts. Today, Lehto Group i s one of Finland’s leading construction firms and property manufacturers. The company has 1,500 employees, and manufacturing is now carried out in any one of Lehto’s factories, all located in Finland. The company was listed on the Helsinki stock exchange in 2016, and in 2018 the company’s turnover amounted to EUR 721.5 million. From March 2019, Lehto is now focusing its efforts on becoming a key player in Sweden, with a focus family housing, where Lignum is the first product range to be released on the Swedish market. Lignum’s target group is primarily municipalities outside of the major cities’, where there is a significant need to solve the lack of housing.

Right from the drawing board, the starting point for Lignum’s apartment buildings has always been to maintain high quality, with a focus on architecture and where no detail is overlooked. The housing is produced using sustainable materials and where key consideration is given to the Nordic design heritage in the form and interiors. The result is a tasteful apartment block in Nordic wood, with prices starting from around SEK 15,000/m² gross floor area, excluding VAT where the housing is basic designs and the form can be easily adapted depending on the surrounding environment, and with a number of variation options in terms of number of floors in the building, and number of apartments per floor. Architecture and design have been a key aspect of the creation and Lehto’s own architects have been ultimately responsible for the from and design.

Sustainability at all points in the process is Lignum’s guiding principle both in terms of economics and environmental impact. Lehto’s own manufactured fixtures and fittings for kitchens, for example, means that all unnecessary middlemen that might influence price and quality have been removed. A high degree of completion in the factory reduces materials waste and work on site, shortens build times and minimises risks/uncertainty factors. All wood comes from Nordic forests where the sustainable forestry principle is applied. The buildings give people a healthy indoor environment, where the impact on the environment is as small as possible. They meet the simpler energy requirements for eventual investment support and got those woes request it, there is the option to have Nordic Swan eco labelling. 

Listen to Anna Fridolin, architect at Lehto, explaining more about Lignum

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Production in Lehto's own factories

Volume elements

The volume elements are manufactured dry and safely in Lehto’s own factories, where apartments with everything from kitchens to hat racks are pre-assembled before they are packaged and transported to the work site. 

On-site assembly is then carried out according to a detailed and optimized process created using Lehto’s 15-year experience. As much as possible is done in the factory, in order to minimise work on site, reduce build times and reduce the quality risks.

The working environment is central, and we follow clear processes. No ‘irrational’ decisions are made on the work site; we follow a clear process manual. We set up, prepare the ground and foundations, usurper-fabricated volume events arrive at the work site and are lifted into place. This completes our volume elements. Our high degree of pre-fabrication means the amount of work on site is minimised. We ensure function and quality through testing and inspection, and hand over the turnkey apartment blocks once we have cleared away and returned the ground to normal. This is all achieved with a delivery time of around 6 months from the start of production in the factory.

Smart manufacturing and design are the secret

Lehto’s highly industrialised methodology and controlled manufacturing environment in its own factories reduces the amount of resources used, as well as capping cost and shortening production times. Depending on the ground conditions, a turnkey Lignum apartment block can be delivered in around 6 months from the start of production in the factory.