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Internal corridor apartment block

Lehto’s new Lignum product range has two types of building design: internal corridor and external corridor. The internal corridor design is tasteful apartment block in Nordic wood, where the form can be easily adapted depending on the surrounding environment, and with several variation options in terms of number of floors in the building, and number of apartments per floor. The internal stairwells building design can be between 3-6 floors in height and consists of K:8 with eight apartments over floor, K:4 with four apartments per floor and K:6 with six apartments per floor. Our external corridor house will be launched during spring 2020.

Building volume and facade

The architecture’s exterior design language is simple and careful. A coherent volume with a low-pitched saddle roof, with slight eaves projection. Large square two-pane windows with low balustrades in a variety of standard colours, run around the whole of the apartment block body, and create an even rhythm. The facade is composed of a vertical folded wooden panel with straight edges. The facade is painted and available in various colours. Aluzinc rooftop and roof drainage. A recessed entrance with panel cladding, and with exterior lighting in aluminium. 

Optional extras include choice of balcony: exterior-mounted balcony with wrought-iron railings, Spanish balcony with solid, full-hight side panels or a French balcony.

Our design work has focused on creating a flexible and logical system. One type of bathroom, one kitchen position, etc. with the aim of reducing manufacturing time. 

Lignums K:8, six apartments per floor


Two-pane windows and window doors in the properties are constructed in Lehto’s own factory and made from PVC.

The generous dimensions – also 180cm tall – mean that the windows allow huge amounts of light in the apartments. The windowsills are well designed, with a depth of almost 20cm. The windows are available in various standard colours.

Foundation base and ground floor

In two designs: Slab on the ground or concrete base, unpainted or painted depending on facade colour.


The roof is a low-pitched saddle roof, with a slight eave’s projection, in Aluzinc sheeting. Galvanized gutters and downpipes.

External environment and landscaping

The landscaping architecture takes advantage of the properties of the site, using existing greenery and cardinal point orientation, to interplay with the character of the building. The choice of plants and planning is made in consideration with each building being in a different growing climate, and without any major maintenance requirements. The design is created so regulatory requirements for parking, waste management, bicycle storage, etc, can be adhered to.


Entrance and common areas

The recessed wooden main entrance door leads to the building’s generous lobby and stairwell, with lifts and a wooden structured staircase. The floor is terrazzo and the corridors have vinyl flooring. The lobby has post boxes and name plates. 

The building entrance lobby is supplemented with a substation and pushchair store that is accesed from outside. 

Apartment blocks

The blocks are optimised according to the conditions of the building method and demand, and the choice of material, where key consideration is given to the Nordic design heritage in the form and interiors. The size of the apartments ranges from one-room to four-room. The ceiling height in the apartments in around 2.6m with lower heights in the bathroom, hall and storage areas.

Entrance and hall

The apartment entrance has large format clinker, with walls painted in a warm white. The external front door is situated in the hall, in dark grey with a peephole and doorbell. There is also a wooden hat rack with hooks, a wooden panelled wardrobe and recessed lighting in the ceiling. The apartments have water-filled underfloor heating throughout, including the bathroom.



The kitchens are manufactured in Lehto’s own factories, with integrated kitchen appliances, with white pigmented oak veneer flooring and warm white walls. The kitchen cupboards are made from melamine with oak handles and under-mounted work lighting. The kitchen worktop with integrated sink and 200mm splashback are all in stainless steel. Space for waste sorting in worktop cupboard. Extractor fan. 

Livingroom, bedroom

The livingroom and bedroom have white pigmented oak veneer flooring. The walls and internal doors are painted in warm white. Wardrobes/storage cupboard in oak laminated veneer with oak handles, as in the kitchen. Laminated windowsills in the same style as other fixtures. Smoke alarms are installed in the apartments, and fibre internet is connected. 


The bathroom has light grey clinker measuring 10x10cm and the walls are tiled in white vertical tiles measuring 20x40cm. The toilet and sink are in white porcelain. There is a combi washer-dryer fitted in an open cupboard. All hooks, toilet roll holder, handtowels rail and shower/sink taps are chrome. The shower screen is glass. Recessed ceiling lighting, water-filled floor heating. 

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