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Step 1

Together we inspect the conditions for your property. If we concider a Lignum apartment block to be suitable for the area and its conditions, the process can continue.

What we consider together is:

    • A zoning plan or overview
    • The topography
    • Any other conditions


We have several different types of apartment blocks that are optimised for all the requirements to achieve a suitable property at a reasonable price. At this stage we select the sizes and designs required, based on the ground conditions.

What we consider together is:

  • Optimising building permissions 
  • The desired apartment layout
  • Maximising living space 
  • Any optional extras

Step 3

This is where you choose the desired facade materials and colours. We have also created several roofing solutions.

What we consider togehter is:

  • Which facade material will be best suited
  • The colouring of the facade
  • The choice of roofing materials

Step 4

The exterior surroundings are also key to the overall feel of the construction. We can calculate additional costs as required, such as for trees, bushes, grass and parking. 

What we consider together is: 

  • What is needed to consider in terms of number of parking space
  • Outdoor space for residents
  • Calculating the size of ground measures

Step 5

We provide a fixed price for the entire contract. The offer is binding based on the conditions we now know to exist.

Step 6

Following the agreed offer, we will create an exclusive LOI to ensure that geotechnical surveys can be carried out. We now make a preliminary order in our factories to ensure the communicated delivery time. 

Step 7

We can assist with building permits or documentation for the zoning process. We carry out the geotechnical survey to ensure the ground conditions to then provide a final price. As we work to a standardised process and with highly industrial construction, all designs have in principle already been created at this point. 

Step 8

Once all local authority decisions are given and the geotechnical survey is complete, we then establish the time frame.

Step 9

Now we’re getting close to the start of the construction process.

After the geotechnical survey is done, we know more about the ground conditions and will adjust the offer as needed. We then sign the final contract and begin the build.

Step 10

A turnkey housing block is delivered, and you can welcome residents to their new homes.